Lacta chocolate wanted to remind consumers in Greece of how uniquely sweet its taste is, by comparing it to the sweet taste of falling in love. The campaign started with a TV spot, showing a man eating a piece of Lacta chocolate and remembering how a passionate love story of his began. The slogan:
"Every piece of Lacta chocolate is like falling in love, from the start".

When the story unfolded in a 5-part web series, audiences realized that what seemed like the past was in fact a glimpse of the future. "From the start" tells the story of a man that doesn't believe in love, falling for the girl he sees in a dream he has every time he eats a piece of Lacta chocolate. Each dream begins again from the start and he tries to advance the plot and spend as much time with her as he can. He eventually becomes convinced that the woman of his dreams exists and decides to find her!

The web series had 2 million viewers in a country of 5 million Internet users. Lacta's YouTube channel became number 1 in Greece, with the biggest number of views & the most subscribers in the country. The story not only captivated audiences but managed to have everyone talking about the effect eating a Lacta chocolate has. And the buzz around Lacta's magical taste did wonders for its sales as well, growing them by 14% vs the year before.