Lacta "Love like there's no tomorrow" - Case Study

Lacta chocolate has forever been a symbol for love in Greece. It's sweet taste being compared to the feeling of falling in love. In a time of crisis though, Lacta wanted to remind Greeks of the importance of love as a priority in their lives. And thus urge them, to "Love, like there's no tomorrow".

A 42-minute online film was created, in 2 parts, that had Greeks being moved to tears. The film was seen by more than 1.8M viewers (25% of all Greek Internet users) and has had phenomenal response, with more than 250.000 likes, shares and tearful comments, from people saying how much the film shook them and made them reevaluate their priorities.

The story starts when a man that has lost the love of his life, 6 months ago, due to some dramatic accident, is being put back in time by some magical force, exactly 24 hours before the incident. He will try to change the course of events and save her life, while making up for lost time and loving her... like there's no tomorrow.

Love like there's no tomorrow - Part 1

7 minutes before the end of the film, viewers had to interact in order to see the ending. They had to visit and answer the question: "If you only had 24 hours, to whom would you want to say 'I love you'?" Once they answered and optionally filled in their phone numbers, a countdown started for them and the film commenced.

Love like there's no tomorrow - Part 2

Once the film ended, viewers' phones would ring and the voice from the film told them they only have "23 hours and 53 minutes to keep the promise they gave to themselves" and to "Love, like there's no tomorrow!"